15 Christmas Treats Under 100 Calories

A moment on the lips… With no time on the hips!

The Fast Philosophy is all about flexibility. Just because you’re following the plan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the festive fun. You can still enjoy your favourite treats, whilst also seeing results.

These delicious Christmas foods are all under 100 calories, just as scrumptious as your usual Christmas delights, and you don’t have to give up the mince pies!


Half an Asda Smart Price Mince Pie – 89 calories

If you don’t think you can resist the temptation when only eating half, go for a Tesco Mini Mince Pie instead – 80 calories.


50g Lidl Mince Pie Ice Cream OR Gingerbread Ice Cream – 82 kcal

Feeling something festive, but not too heavy? Opt for a 50g portion of Lidl’s brand-new Christmas ice cream range, with a choice of mince pie or gingerbread to tingle your taste buds. Rich toffee, gingerbread biscuit pieces and fudge, or brandy sauce with fruit conserve and biscuits… Which one will you choose?!


½ Fresh Bakery Cinnamon Bun from Aldi

Half now, half later. With 2 x 100 calorie snacks on a smart day you don’t have to miss out on your favourite warming, mouth-watering morning bun, if you’re taste buds just can’t resist that cinnamon spice! Eat half and save the rest for your second snack later, or another day!


6 squares of dark chocolate – 100 kcal

Yes, 6 whole squares! Indulge in your chocolate cravings over Christmas and remain under your 100-calorie snack limit. Dark chocolate is great for weight loss, and as a not-so-guilty pleasure.


20g of salt popcorn – 100kcal

Light as a feather!

You can still have your sweet treats when cosying up and watching your favourite Christmas movies. Go for salt, not sweet or butter popcorn to keep the calorie count down.


Small bag of twiglets – 97kcal

A party classic! Go for a baked over fried crisp choice such as twiglets, that contain less fat than the average pack.


5 Roast Chestnuts – 85kcal

There’s nothing that gets you in the festive spirit more than roast chestnuts. High in protein, only 85 calories, and mouth-wateringly delicious!


4 Walnuts – 100kcal

In the mood for a high protein and high fibre snack? Perfect when out for a winter walk, (just watch out for the squirrels wanting to share!)


Smoked Salmon Bagel

A smoked salmon breakfast is still enjoyable with The Fast Philosophy! Salmon is low in saturated fat and high in protein, too, making it as healthy as it is delicious. OR, if you just can’t go without the cream cheese, opt for a cracker instead of a bagel.

1/2 Wholemeal Bagel, with 28g Smoked Salmon – 100kcal

1 regular size cracker, with 1.5oz cream cheese, and 28g smoked salmon – 63kcal


4 Slices of Cold Turkey – 90kcal (Inc. cranberry sauce – 98kcal)

We all know you can’t do Christmas without Turkey, so don’t hold back! Have 4 slices of cold turkey, and add ½ tsp of cranberry sauce for extra flavour, still all under 100 calories! A perfect mid-afternoon snack!


1 Roasted Skinless Chicken Drumstick – 27kcal

The perfect choice at your Christmas party. Ditch the fattening party foods, and go for a high in protein, low calorie option. Make sure to discreetly remove the skin to ditch any extra calories and fats.


1 Bowl of Vegetable Soup – 95kcal

Opt for a tomato-based flavour, rather than creamy, to keep your calories down. The picture-perfect hearty meal for a winters morning, packed with fibre, protein and vitamins!


30g chunk of Stilton Cheese – 36kcal

You’ve got your chocolate cravings underhand, now for the cheese… Have a small 30g chunk of creamy stilton, or two! Mmm…


1 Glass of Champagne – 89 calories

If you’re worried about sticking to the plan when hitting the Christmas parties, champagne has the lowest calories out of all of the alcohol, so opt for 1 small glass.


1 Tall Starbucks Skinny Cappuccino – 74kcal

Out Christmas shopping for hours and need a little pick-me up to keep you going? Opt for a skinny cappuccino, and steer clear of added toppings or cream.