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We all know a healthy lifestyle is important and when we do eat well and exercise regularly we feel great. But it’s not always easy…we try to be good, but we’re no angels! We’re here to help.

5:2 made easy

Fasting is a great way to live life on your terms and feel great. On 2 days each week choose 4 delicious LighterLife Fast products from the range of shakes, porridges, soups, meals and snack bars. This gives you 100% of your daily recommended nutrition minus the calories.

For the rest of the week, you can eat and drink whatever you normally do – we recommend a maintaining a good balanced diet.

I can do that

  • LighterLife Fast is so simple and convenient.
  • Late for work? Grab a shake and go!
  • Lunch at the desk, not a problem, why not try a Fastpot.
  • Feeling the mid-afternoon energy slump? One of the delicious Bars will tantalise your taste buds and perk you up.
  • LighterLife Fast makes eating well easy.

How to live the 5:2 lifestyle

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