Have you become, or do you know someone that’s become a parent and put on a few pounds in the process?  It seems that quite a few of you do with first time fathers typically piling on 1 stone 5 lbs (8.5kg) in the first year – approximately the same weight as a car tyre, and more than double the weight of the average baby boy in the UK (7lb 8oz).

We recognise that this change to your waistline can have a dramatic effect on a new fathers’ self-esteem. Our research found that body confidence plummets in new dads, with a third (32%) saying they felt less body confident since becoming a father – a figure that rises to a shocking 51% for those under the age of 29.

But panic not – we’ve got you covered.

Developed for dads in partnership with The Dad Network we’ve created a free Dad Bod to Rad Bod downloadable workout that incorporates simple exercise moves for dads, using no equipment apart from items around the house (and your baby!).

Dad Bod to Rad Bod Squat

For best results, incorporate the Dad Bod to Rad Bod Workout with The Fast Philosophy.

  1. Fast two/ three days per week with our delicious products,
  2. Join The Fast Zone and follow our easy plan on your Smart Days
  3. Lose weight the Fast way with LighterLife Fast and the Dad Bod to Rad Bod

For time-strapped dads, there is no need for calorie counting, weighing out food or worrying about meal prepping, as you’ll get everything you need in four, balanced products for up to three ‘Fast’ days a week.

Check out the products here and download the plan below…. let us know how you get on and keep an eye out for news of our own Dads who’ve been following the Fast Philosophy – they’ve already lost over a stone over the past few weeks and their stories are coming soon.

Download the Dad Bod to Rad Bod plan