We believe that losing and maintaining weight shouldn’t be hard work and so have created a plan based on fasting that makes managing your weight easy.

By following The Fast Philosophy you can lose up to 2lb each week; read on to learn how!

What is Fasting?

When we talk about ‘fast’ what we actually mean is ‘intermittent fasting’. This is where you eat significantly fewer calories on at least two days per week. It’s a way of eating that’s been around for a very long time and could provide health benefits.

By ‘fast’ we don’t actually mean you eat nothing, instead, we’re talking about restricting your calories, which is about 25% of your normal daily calorie intake.

It’s quite simple – you fast for two or three days a week then on your smart days (the other days) eat and drink a healthy, balanced diet on the days in between. That’s it!

We’ve designed a plan and provided free recipes, tips and tricks in our members area – visit The Fast Zone to download all you need for FREE!

The Fast Philosophy is where the diet works around you; not you around it! See how Sarah got on at the start of her weight loss journey in our Blog

Follow the Fast Philosophy: 

it’s quite simple…

  1. Choose your Fast Days – two or three days each week that work for you.
  2. Enjoy any 4 LighterLife Fast meals on your Fast days and plenty of calorie free drinks.
  3. Follow the Smart day plan on your other days.
  4. Sign up to The Fast Zone and join our Facebook Group for Smart recipes, top tips and to keep motivated.

Smart day plan

On non-fast days (we call them Smart Days) keep your weight in check with healthy, balanced meals.

  • Eat two 300 calorie meals
  • Have one meal that you normally would
  • Enjoy two snacks – each under 100 calories, ideally high protein and low carbs.

Take a look in our free members-only Fast Zone for more help, recipes and ideas.


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