Fitness and Fasting

Pilates is an ideal way of exercising when fasting.  It’s low impact and the controlled movements mean minimal bearing on joints.

When you lose weight, you need to keep toning the skin and body to ensure you look as good as you feel and when done correctly Pilates strengthens your core and tones your muscles.

Pilates is wonderful as it allows us to really concentrate on the movement, on breathing techniques and on being in that moment.  It leaves you feeling energised and motivated, which makes it perfect for Fast Days!

Alison Hatcher from Studio 1 in Islington has broken down 6 moves that are perfect for Fast or Smart days and easy to do at home.

Download the guide here:


Don’t worry about flexibility, this will come with time.  Instead, focus on getting the technique correct and really enjoying it.

Let us know how you get on!