Are you a Mindful or Mindless Eater?

Prepare for a surprising statistic – in a recent survey, a whopping 77% of people said they didn’t pay full attention to what they eat.  What’s even more amazing is that in the same survey, 70% of people said that when they do focus on what they eat, they enjoy it more!

We quite often hear the term ‘mindfulness’ being flug around; whether it’s connected to colouring books for grown-ups, yoga or forest bathing, there are a lot of trends that embrace being mindful.   But what about when you’re trying to lose weight – can being mindful make a difference there?  Absolutely.

Simply put, being mindful is about paying attention to and being fully aware what we’re doing and how that makes us feel.  So when we include mindfulness when we’re eating or considering food and hunger it can help us change our habits and allow us to lose weight.

We interviewed Mindfulness and Nutrition expert Jenna Hope to find out what she thinks of mindful eating and how best to approach it.

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