Track That Weight

When you start a diet it’s really important to track your progress, we know it’s daunting when you start a new weight loss program, all the new things you have to remember to do and to change.  With LighterLife Fast we want to make it really easy for you so we’ve created some tools to keep you on track and here’s one of them:

The weight tracker is really easy to use.  Just print it off and keep it nearby; we think that your dressing table is a great place (or the bathroom cabinet?).

  • Choose a day each week that works for you and stick to that day.
  • Try and keep to similar clothes when you do this (undies only is best)
  • Weigh yourself – and be honest, no standing on one foot or hanging on to the wall!
  • Take measurements too – sometimes we lose inches but don’t see the change on the scales, this is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

For extra motivation why not keep two pictures with the tracker:

  1. a picture of yourself when you feel you look at your worse, or that is your motivation for change.
  2. your goal – getting married; then put up a pic of the dream wedding dress, going on holiday – is there a swimsuit or sundress you’d like to wear with confidence?

If you get stuck or lose your way then drop in to our private Facebook group where you can talk, support and be supported by others also following The Fast Philosophy.

Download your tracker here: