5 Ways to Find Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment and is known for restoring balance and improving your mood. It’s a particularly good method to combat busy and tough stages in your life, as well as everyday stresses, especially if you start to form good habits. It can be as simple as lighting a candle, having a bath, reading a book, and taking a few deep breathes, if it helps you escape for a few moments and brings some awareness to the present, your thoughts and your feelings, you will soon start to see the benefits of mindfulness.

We explore 5 mindful ways to help you reduce your stress levels and give you a little boost.


1. Keep a gratitude journal

Sometimes we forget everything we have to be thankful for, and by keeping a gratitude journal, it can remind you of the incredible people and things that are in your life. After a few weeks, you can look back and be pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for.


2. Meditate, even just a few minutes a day

Meditation is an ancient tradition that has long been used by thousands of people to bring calm and gratitude to their lives. By finding a quiet spot at one point in the day, (normally in the morning or the evening) and finding awareness in your breath, thoughts, and feelings, you will increase your mood and lower stress. If you’re new to meditation, there are plenty of apps that will guide you through the session and will allow you to build from just a couple of minutes to longer, in-depth sessions.


3. Set intentions for the day

Start the day with a purpose and define some clear goals once you’ve woken up. Send that email you’ve been meaning complete, spring clean the house, or run your errands. Whatever tasks and goals you have set out for the day, you’ll feel so much satisfaction by completing them.


4. Exercise

Find a sport or exercise you love and not only will burn calories, but you’ll also release lots of happy endorphins, known to boost your mood. Plan your week in advance so you can allow some time to visit the gym, take a fitness class, or for a walk around the park. You’ll be more likely to do it if you’ve set some time aside.


5. Do what you love and do it regularly

If exercise really isn’t your cuppa tea, and you’d rather curl up with a good book, visiting a friend for coffee, a trip to the beach, or a hot bubble bath, then do it. Whatever it is, do something that you love as often as you can. Lift your mood, enjoy life, slow down and restore balance so you can be the best version of you.


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