The Fast Philosophy

It’s never been this easy to eat healthy and achieve simple, fast weight loss.

The Fast Philosophy is a convenient, easy-to-follow, tasty and nutritionally-complete eating plan based on the principles of intermittent fasting, and specifically designed around your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Fast Philosophy explained

It’s so simple! Choose three Fast Days a week, and four Smart days a week.

Fast Days:

On your Fast Days there’s no calorie counting or meal prep, simply pick four nutritious and delicious meals from our product range.

There are almost 40 different meals to choose from, both sweet and savoury, breakfast to dinner and when we say meals, we mean any of our Fastpack or meal replacement products – bars, shakes, smoothies etc.

Enjoy the four Fast meals along with calorie free drinks such as water, black coffee or herbal tea. Or try the LighterLife Fast Pink Grapefruit Drink, it’s delish, calorie free and very refreshing!


Smart Days:

The days you’re not fasting are your Smart Days, where you eat smart using any of our delicious, healthy, low calorie recipes. There are hundreds to choose from!

We also update the recipes every month, so there is always something new to try.



We’ve provide you with free recipes, tips and tricks (such as weight trackers and mindful eating guides) to keep you motivated and on track. If you’re looking for extra support then join our Facebook Group where you’ll find a friendly group of fellow Fast Philosophers ready and waiting to encourage and inspire you.

As simple as 1, 2, 3…

All you need to do is divide your week into three Fast Days and four Smart Days. The rest we’ve done for you…

The Fast Philosophy explained

What is fasting?

When we talk about ‘fasting’ what we actually mean is ‘intermittent fasting’ by following the Fast Philosophy. And doesn’t mean eating nothing at all!

‘Intermittent fasting’ means restricting your calories to about 30-40% of your normal daily intake, on three days a week. It’s a way of eating that’s been around for a very long time and has various benefits associated with it..

Researched benefits

  • • Weight and body fat loss
  • • Increased fat burning
  • • Lowered blood insulin levels
  • • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • • Aids with increased energy levels
  • • Improved blood cholesterol levels
  • • Improved mental clarity and focus

What you need to start your journey...

So, we already give you everything you need to eat healthy and enjoy food, but if you want to reach your weight loss and wellness goals faster, register for the Fast Challenge today and add exercise and mindfulness to your lifestyle.

Our products

Our products include a delicious range of meals, soups, porridges, shakes, drinks and bars, which on your Fast Days provide you with 100% of your daily nutritional needs.

Nutrition & Recipes

We’ve developed hundreds of delicious, low-calorie recipes to help you eat smart on your Smart Days. Just browse, choose your favourites, and enjoy healthy eating. It's simple and convenient.


We’ve partnered with Studio One Islington to develop a simple, at-home exercise programme to progressively get you more active and fit, all from the comfort of your phone.


Having the right mindset is crucial for success in any endeavour, especially when it comes to weight loss. Follow our weekly mindfulness guidance to give yourself the best chance of success.

Introducing the Fast Challenge

Fast Challenge

Based on the principles of intermittent fasting, the Fast Challenge is the leading weight loss and transformation programme in the UK to help you reshape your body, mind and lifestyle over 12 weeks.

LighterLife Fast Fast Challenge

Success Stories

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Looking to lose weight without feeling like you’re on a constant diet… are you feeling fed up of counting calories and eating bland food… do you want to enjoy mealtimes with your family without cooking separate meals for everyone AND still lose weight?  You’ve come to the right place!

LighterLife Fast has created the Fast Philosophy, a simple weight loss plan based on intermittent fasting.

We understand that dieting can be hard and we’re here to change that. By following The Fast Philosophy you can lose up to 2lb each week whilst living life on your terms!

What is Fasting?

Fasting is a way of eating that’s been around for a very long time.  To Fast is to reduce your calorie intake within a dedicated time period, you may have heard of 5:2 or 16:8 which are both forms of fasting.

With the LighterLife Fast plan you’ll be following an intermittent fasting approach where each week you’ll allocate Fast Days and Smart Days.

It’s quite simple –

Choose the days each week you’d like to Fast. We recommend 3 days each week; they can be consecutive or spread throughout the week – whatever suits you.

On your Fast days there’s no calorie counting or meal prep, simply pick 4 meals from the range that’s exclusive to Superdrug.  There are almost 40 different meals to choose from, so sweet or savoury you’ll be set.

Enjoy the 4 Fast meals along with calorie free drinks such as water, black coffee or herbal tea. You could also have sugar free squash; have you tried the LighterLife Fast Pink Grapefruit Drink, it’s delish and very refreshing.

And the days you’re not fasting…

These are your Smart days where you think smart about the meals you consume.

When you follow The Fast Philosophy your Smart days should consist of:

  • 2 x 300 calorie meals
  • 2 x 100 calorie snacks
  • 1 x meal of your choice

but we’re not going to leave you with just that!

We’ve provided free seasonal recipes, tips and tricks (such as weight trackers and mindful eating guides) in our members area – The Fast Zone – where you can download all you need to keep you motivated and on track. We update the recipes every month so there’s always something new to try.

If you’re looking for extra support then join our Facebook Group where you’ll find a friendly group of fellow Fast Philosophers ready and waiting to encourage and inspire you.

Dieting every day clearly didn’t work for me and finding something which fit in with my shifts was hard. The Fast Philosophy made it so easy. It was simple to follow, even on the Smart days, and the flexible nature of the plan meant that when my shifts changed then so could my Fast days.

Tanneth Griffiths, Fast Philosopher who lost 2st 7lb with LighterLife Fast

The Fast Philosophy is where the diet works around you; not you around it! See how Sarah got on at the start of her weight loss journey in our Blog.

Let us know how you get on by visiting @LighterLifeFast on social.

Fast Philosophy Infographic