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Healthy eating made simple and delicious.

Based on the principles of intermittent fasting, the Switch Challenge is the leading weight loss and transformation programme in the UK to help you reshape your body, mind and lifestyle over 12 weeks.

We give you everything you need.

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Make healthy eating simple, fast and delicious with our Fast Philosophy. We give you all the guidance, recipes, tips and tricks to reach your goal.

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View and follow your weekly fitness routines, at-home and right on your phone. Developed in partnership with Studio One Islington.


Receive weekly emails with guidance and support to help you become more mindful, positive and motivated throughout your 12 week journey.

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Get inspired by real people who achieved real results on their 12-week journey.

Share your Switch Challenge journey and win great prizes.

Apply to become a Switch Challenge influencer and receive 12 weeks’ worth of LighterLife Fast products. Yes, you read that right! We’d love to help you achieve your goals, whilst sharing your story with others, inspiring them to do the very same.

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