Beer belly to baby belly


We’re all aware of post-pregnancy baby weight in mums but what about the dads?

In a recent survey we ran at LighterLife Fast, we discovered that although rarely talked about 22% of new dads put on more than a stone in the first year after becoming a dad!

More surprising, the average weight gain for first time dads is 1st 5lbs – this is almost the same as a new mum without the excuse of giving birth!


With 74 minutes less free time than men without kids, new dads are left with less time to visit the gym and enjoy preparing meals and are spending longer at work to provide for their new family.

When the moment comes to think about the new dad bod the impetus for losing the extra weight is usually when jeans become too tight, they’re having less sex because of their body change and they stop taking as much pride in their appearance.  Sound familiar?

25% wanted to lose weight after seeing an unflattering picture of themselves, 27% when clothes became too snug, 15% after getting out of breath playing with their children, but perhaps most worrying, is that 26% realised they had gained weight when other health concerns reared their head.

At LighterLife Fast we want to take the hassle out of weight loss so created The Fast Philosophy.  We’ve even developed a Dad Bod workout with The Dad Network that can be done with your child!

By fasting two or three days per week and eating two 300kcal meals along with a meal of your choice on the other four or five “smart” days, you can lose weight easily and efficiently – taking the complications out of dieting.

For time-strapped dads, this means there is no need for calorie counting, weighing out food or worrying about meal prepping…. bonus!

Pop over to The Fast Zone to download some recipes for the Smart days and get back to enjoying yourself as well as your family and download your free Dad Bod to Rad Bod workout here: