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Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Healthy eating made simple and delicious.

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There are many benefits to moving towards a plant-based diet including improving your health and doing your bit for the environment. With January being a popular month to giving veganism a go, why not try for yourself?





Unlock a whole new plethora of recipes and meals which will jazz up midweek suppers. From beans and lentils to pasta dishes, you’ll open lots of new flavours to try. Many vegan dishes are abundant with fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs which make for rich and tasty dishes, which are certainly not boring. An added bonus is that a lot of vegan recipes include lots of nutritious ingredients and will help with reaching your 5-a-day.


It’s easier than what you think



It can be a little daunting to completely switch your eating habits from being meat-heavy to one that is plant-based. Rest assured, some of your favourite meals and snacks are already vegan, like houmous and crudities, curries, soups, and casseroles for example, or if not, they can easily be made with plant-based alternatives. All it takes is a little research and a willingness to make a few swaps and you’ll easily discover that there is plenty of vegan foods to enjoy.



With the launch of two brand new vegan products, it’s easy to start your weight loss journey whilst switching a plant-based diet. Try the LighterLife Fast Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup and the LighterLife Fast Vegan Vanilla Smoothie, the latest additions to the range which also include the LighterLife Fast Banana Porridge and the LighterLife Fast Super Green Soup.


Not sure you can go completely plant-based?

Give meat-free Monday a try, this has become popular on social media, or you could try a vegetarian or a flexitarian diet.

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