Who saw The Big Crash Diet Experiment on the BBC?  Wasn’t it fascinating and encouraging to see people losing weight through means other than conventional foods.

If you didn’t see it, catch up on the BBC iPlayer.  The  programme followed four volunteers as they undertook a “crash diet” – a structured, 800 kcal Total Dietary Replacement (TDR) diet, such as LighterLife Total, which included counselling. The research was backed by Professor Susan Jebb, an expert in the weight-loss industry, alongside a team of doctors.

After 9 weeks all four of the case studies had lost over 10% of their body weight and were looking and feeling fantastic.

We realise that not everyone is ready to take on a weight loss plan that is a total dietary replacement and so we created The Fast Philosophy which allows you to lose weight whilst also enjoying the occasional meal out or glass of wine!

By following The Fast Philosophy you’ll replace all of your meals on two or three days each week, much like the people in the BBC programme, whilst on the other days (your Smart days) you’ll enjoy delicious lower calorie meals and snacks plus one meal as you would normally.

Take a look at our Free Plan in The Fast Zone for more info and why not pop into your local Superdrug to try some the LighterLife Fast meals.