My Food Diary on LighterLife Fast

Healthy eating made simple and delicious.

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New mum, Sarah, wanted a diet plan that was easy but effective and was also going to fit into her busy lifestyle.

With LighterLife Fast, intermittent fasting really is simple. By following our “Fast Philosophy”, you can do up to three “Fast” days per week, eating four of our fab Fast products, giving you roughly 800 calories and all your vits and mins, on your fasting days. Then, on the other four “Smart” days we suggest following a healthy, balanced diet, consuming two 300 calorie meals, plus two 100 calorie snacks and then a meal of your choice – it could be a healthy salad or a full English – it doesn’t matter!

Here’s what a week on LighterLife Fast looks like for Sarah, who has opted for three fast days, four smart days to get back in shape just that little bit faster! This week Sarah lost 2lbs.



Fast Day – When I woke up I made a cup of tea, filled up my beaker of water and made my Chocolate Shake.

For lunch, I had the Americana Chicken Noodles Fastpot. I was pleasantly surprised by these, they were quite nice. I was multitasking at this point, so whilst I was entertaining my baby girl I was putting the pot down and coming back to it. Having it in the pot kept it warm which was great. After each mouthful I was having some water as I found this was keeping me fuller for longer.

The difficult part of the day came when I was making my partners dinner- the sausages smelt amazing! But, when I turned them over, the fat coming off of them was vile, so I felt very happy with myself when I sat down with my healthy dinner.

I tucked into my LighterLife Fast Spaghetti Bolognese which had a spicy kick to it. I preferred this to the carbonara I tried last week because it was less creamy. I felt full after this meal.

By 8pm I felt a little peckish, so I made another cup of tea. I still had my 4th Fast product left so I cut up my Double Chocolate Bar and had half of this.



Fast Day – Today we had such a busy day, so I started by having an original porridge sachet. My little girl was very hungry and I was in the middle of feeding her when the door went – the decorator was here. By the time I got back to my porridge, it was cold, so I made a LighterLife Fast Vanilla Shake instead.

As I knew we were out for the day I planned ahead. I took another ready to drink shake with me just in case I didn’t have access to hot water later on. I really enjoyed my Banana Shake for lunch, with half of a Toffee Bar as my snack before dinner.


Tonight, I had the LighterLife Fast Aromatic Chicken Ramen Fastpot and I was surprised by the flavour kick I got from this. I finished the day with some Pepsi max as I felt a bit deflated after 2 Fast days on the trot. I know I’ll enjoy my breakfast in the morning!



Weigh day! – I started my Wednesday by jumping on the scales which put me in a great mood. For my breakfast I toasted a piece of granary bread, topped it with scrambled egg accompanied by a cup of tea with red top milk. Later that morning I had half a chocolate snack-a-jack.

For lunch, I made a tasty chicken salad and for dinner it was homemade spaghetti bolognese with wholemeal pasta – a definite winner in our house. By early evening I wanted a little sweet treat so I had the other half of the snack-a-jack with a cup of tea.

Today has been a hard day as my little girl has been teething, but I’m so happy that I stayed on track.


  Fast day – Today is my third Fast day of the week. For my breakfast today I whizzed up a Strawberry Shake and for lunch I had a Vegetable Soup which I really enjoyed.

Today we took our daughter swimming for the first time, so I was kept busy and it was easy to bring a bar out with me. I’ve been enjoying using my bars as my snack and today was no different. I had 2 halves of a bar, half Toffee and half Chocolate Raisin.


Tonight’s dinner was a Spaghetti Bolognese meal which I do really enjoy.



Today I was going out for lunch so I knew that my two 300 calorie meals would be for my breakfast and dinner – that’s what I love about my “Smart” days.

I kickstarted my day with two Weetabix at 9am. At around noon, I headed out to the shopping centre and our first stop was Nandos. I ordered butterfly chicken (plain) with corn on the cob and sweet potato mash. I was mindful of my choices and loved the fact I was still on plan.

For dinner I made grilled chicken with wholemeal rice and vegetables.

I did lots of walking around Lakeside Shopping Centre today, I’m sure I reached my 10,000 steps!


It’s the weekend and I’m out with the girls for dinner tonight.

I started the day with some porridge and had a yummy beef salad around 1pm.

At the Turkish restaurant, I ordered a chicken shish and salad. It was lovely being out with friends but feeling in control and not worrying about my diet. I had a few glasses of prosecco, which went down a treat, and I didn’t feel guilty for the indulgence.



It’s Sunday, and what Sunday isn’t complete without a hearty breakfast? Since being on the LighterLife Fast plan I’ve been much more aware of my food choices and how I can cut down on the unnecessary calories. I grilled up some mushrooms and bacon and had some scrambled egg with baked beans – delicious!

For lunch today, I had flaked tuna on some thin crackers followed by half a snack-a-jack.

I started making a beef casserole around 3pm and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Such a good way of getting your vegetable intake up without really noticing.

When I sat down that evening I went to the cupboard and found my other half of that snack-a-jack I was saving for this exact moment!



Fast day-

It’s Monday and I’m back to fasting after a great weekend of healthy choices. Monday is always a great day to start as it just feels right.

Strawberry Shake to start the day followed by a Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup at lunchtime.

I cut up my Crispy Peanut and Toffee Bar ready for my snacks today and tomorrow.

Today during Amelie’s (my little girl) nap I spent 3 and a half hours painting our landing, stairs and hallway – who needs the gym?!

After a busy day of decorating it was nice to tuck into a Carbonara for my dinner. It’s not my favourite as I’m not great with creamy dishes, but it does taste indulgent considering it’s so good for you!

Sarah’s top tips:

  • I have split my bars into two halves to have on a Fast day. I like to mix it up, so I’ll cut up my bars for the week and have half of a Toffee Bar at 3pm, and half of a Double Chocolate Bar at 7pm. I prefer to do this as it tricks your mind to feel like you have had two bars in the same day.

  • When eating, allocate time to sit down and focus on your food rather than rushing around. I’ve found doing it over a period of time allows you to feel fuller.

  • Fill up your water bottle to keep track of your water intake. By having it in a bottle, it is easier to keep picking it up and slurping throughout the day and taking it with you when you go out. You can also tell how little/ how much you’ve drunk.

  •  Every time you boil the kettle do 20 squats and earn your cup of tea!

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