Gluten-free just got better!

Healthy eating made simple and delicious.

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llf-berry-doy-02 Whether you have coeliac disease or simply want to avoid gluten in your diet, LighterLife Fast has plenty of tasty products that are now 100% gluten-free – including our new range of super-licious Smoothies. High in protein, with no added sugar and in three fabulous flavours – Berry, Chocolate and Vanilla – our luxuriously creamy Smoothies deliver tonnes of taste in under 230 kcal a serving. They join our delicious Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla shakes in our gluten-free line up, making intermittent fasting easy and fuss-free.   Make sure you add them to your basket when you follow the Fast Philosophy, where you have four LighterLife Fast products on two Fast days, then enjoy healthy, balanced meals on your five non-fasting Smart days, enabling you to lose up to 2lb per week. And if you want to make our Smoothies even more special, try our spring hacks – perfect on the sunny days ahead! 1) Add a shot of coffee to your Chocolate Smoothie to create your very own mochaccino. 2) Drink your Vanilla Smoothie over crushed ice for a refreshing cooling drink. 3) Freeze your Berry smoothie in lolly moulds to make a delicious treat on warmer days.
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