Losing the dad bod with the LighterLife Fast 5:2 plan

Healthy eating made simple and delicious.

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Two years after his baby, Ted, was born, Al Ferguson realised he’d not just gained a son but also a fair few excess pounds. Weighing in at 13½st (86.7kg), his heaviest ever, he decided it was time do something about it, so he booked himself into the London Triathlon – but he soon realised that a bit of running and a couple of trips to the pool weren’t going to be enough. So when we got in touch to see if Al would trial our Fast 5:2 plan for four weeks, he jumped at the chance. “Not only would it give me further motivation to get in shape for my triathlon,” he recalls, “but it could also help me to lose weight and, most importantly, gain control of my diet.”

Simple and flexible

A diet sceptic and first-timer, Al quickly became a Fast 5:2 convert. “One of the great things about this diet is the simplicity: eat normally for five days and then eat Fast products for two. Being this simple brings one amazing feature – flexibility. You can plan your week to have your ‘fast’ days when you like, which means you can say ‘yes’ to more things than if you were on other diets and you won’t end up feeling hard done by. For example, over my wife’s Jen’s birthday weekend, I was able to enjoy meals out with friends because I planned my ‘fast’ days around them.” Self-confessed foodie Al was also surprised at how tasty he found his Fast products. “The range of products is awesome. The Light Bites popped chips and freeze-dried fruits were absolutely gorgeous. The soups were lovely and the pink grapefruit water flavour was sensational.”

unknownAl’s verdict

After four weeks on his Fast challenge, Al weighed in at 12½st (80kg). “The guys at LighterLife Fast suggest that you can lose 2lb* (1kg) a week on this diet, so dropping a stone (6.7kg*) is a really positive outcome for me – I feel pretty good about myself. “Being a parent means life is busy. You’re always on the go, which makes eating right that much more challenging; throw in a complex diet plan and you haven’t got a chance of it succeeding. The simplicity of the LighterLife Fast 5:2 plan makes it fantastic for busy parents to take on. “The LighterLife Fast plan has given me the kick-start I needed to make lifestyle changes and hopefully I will continue to see good results with the weight loss and also in my all-round fitness levels. Fast has made me more conscious of what I eat and my portion sizes. I have become more knowledgeable about the calorie content in foods and I have been able to cut out the ‘boredom snacking’. I have lost weight and, most importantly, I have developed a healthier relationship with food.” “All the time I hear people say things like, ‘Yeah, I’ll have the burger and just eat less tomorrow.’ With LighterLife Fast, the ‘eating less tomorrow’ bit actually becomes a reality.” Find out more over on Al’s blog <here>
*Each of our customers results and stories are unique to them. Your own results will be personal to you and may vary.
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