LighterLife Fast Strawberry Shake x 4

Our fresh strawberry flavoured shake pack is the perfect morning pick-me-up. Just mix with 200ml of water and give it a shake until its super smooth and enjoy. Fast for 2 or more days a week using 4 LighterLife Fast products per Fast day.

  • 155 calories
  • Gluten free!
  • High in protein


Strawberry flavour shakes, made with skimmed milk powder and soya protein, with sweetener


Skimmed milk powder (53%), soya protein (15%), chicory fibre, fat powder (contains milk), fat powder (contains soya, milk), thickeners: guar gum, xanthan gum, carboxy methyl cellulose; trisodium citrate, flavouring, magnesium citrate, tripotassium citrate, colour: beetroot red; salt, vitamin and mineral premix (sodium molybdate, riboflavins, thiamin, vitamin K, vitamin D3, folic acid, vitamin B6, sodium selenite, vitamin B12, potassium iodide, chromium chloride, biotin, manganese sulphate, sodium fluoride, pantothenic acid, cupric sulphate, vitamin A, niacin, zinc sulphate, maltodextrin, vitamin E, sodium ascorbate, ferric pyrophosphate), stabiliser: potassium phosphates; sweetener: sucralose.

*RI: Reference Intake



Strawberry Shake Pack – gluten free!