Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup

This warming sweet potato soup is delicately spiced, providing you with a hearty meal to keep you full on your fast days.

  • High in protein
  • High in fibre
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan formulation

Spicy Sweet Potato flavour soup, with soy protein, carrots and sweet potato powder.

Easy to prepare. Add 2 scoops (53g) to 200ml hot water and mix well. Do not shake with hot water.

Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients

Soy protein (22%), maltodextrin, carrots (9.5%), sweet potato powder (8%), fat powder, inulin, coconut extract, emulsifier: lecithins (contains soy); yeast extract, tomato powder, pea protein, spices, dipotassium phosphate, salt, natural flavouring, modified starch, tricalcium phosphate, colour: carotenes; garlic, potassium chloride, coriander, magnesium oxide, vitamin and mineral premix (maltodextrin, vitamin C, zinc gluconate, ferric pyrophosphate, vitamin E, potassium iodide, niacin, vitamin A, pantothenic acid, biotin, manganese sulphate, vitamin B12, copper gluconate, vitamin D, vitamin B6, folic acid, thiamin, vitamin K, riboflavins), parsley.

Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup