“Big and Bubbly” to “Healthy and Happy”; Tanneth loses 2st 7lb

After climbing the stairs at work, support worker Tanneth, realised that she was struggling to catch her breath. She had spent months of feeling unhappy about how clothes were fitting and how she saw herself due to her weight gain, and the impact on her work was the final straw.

“I had previously tried multiple mainstream diets and slimming clubs, but they didn’t work for me. When you try a couple of diets that only talk about how amazing people look and how easy it is it gives you a real knock when you can’t do it, and what was my coping mechanism? To turn to my favourites; crisps and pastries. They were my biggest weakness and it was convenient, I could grab and go without worrying about having to cook or make anything up and the sugar gave me the boost I needed for work.”

“It wasn’t long before it became a vicious cycle, I would try a new diet, give up, binge and my weight would increase. It was no surprise that my confidence hit rock bottom but this still didn’t spur me to do something about it. It was only when I started experiencing physical implications at work that I knew things needed to change.

Tanneth decided to follow the Fast Philosophy.

“Dieting every day clearly didn’t work for me and finding something which fit in with my shifts was hard. The Fast Philosophy made it so easy. It was simple to follow, even on the Smart days, and the flexible nature of the plan meant that when my shifts changed then so could my Fast days”.

In just five months, she has surpassed her goal weight of 13st, reaching 12st 12lb at her final weigh in, “I can’t believe that I’ve reached goal, I don’t remember the last time I was this size and I feel great for it. I have more energy, I’m a happier person and I feel motivated to continue losing.”.


Breakfast: Nothing

Lunch: Sausage Roll or Pie

Dinner: Pie, Chips and Gravy

Snacks: Crisps


Fast day:

Breakfast: LLF Banana Shake

Lunch: LLF Double Choc Bar

Dinner: LLF Spag Bol

Snacks: LLF Choc Mug Cake

Smart day:

Breakfast: Granola & Yogurt

Lunch: Chicken Salad

Dinner: Salmon, Veg and Potato

Snacks:  Nuts or Fruit

Fast facts:

Starting weight: 15st 7lb

Goal weight: 13st

Total weight loss: 2st 7lb

Height: 5ft 3”

Age: 36

Favourite LighterLife Fast product: Double Chocolate Bar

Programme followed: Three Fast Days, Four Smart Days