Vegans and Gluten Free Peeps Rejoice!


At LighterLife Fast your opinion really matters to us and so when we kept hearing requests for more Gluten Free meals and calls for vegan products; we listened, went off to the kitchen and developed two delicious new products just for you.



Banana Porridge

This is no ordinary porridge.  This brilliant banana porridge has added chia and flax seeds perfect to keep you full and start the day right!


Super Green Soup

This sublime soup is packed full of the superfoods broccoli and spinach; with soya and pea protein too it will warm you up and put a pep in your step!

Both the new porridge and soup come in a handy pouch with 10 meals in each.  The RRP is £14.99 and they’re available at Superdrug from the middle of September.

That’s just £1.49 each meal: bargain!

As with the rest of the LighterLife Fast range- they’re high in protein, low in calories and without any added sugar… did I mention they’re also vegan (that’s Vegan Society approved too!) and gluten free.

What are you waiting for, grab a bowl and let us know what you think of our new additions on our social channels – @lighterlifefast